This Is Not a Comedy ending explained – what happens to Nuncio?


This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film This Is Not a Comedy and would possibly presumably well perchance comprise spoilers.

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Netflix Mexican film This Is Not a Comedy is a movie about the grimness within the banality of day after day life, which we hiss by having a smiling face the total time. It is a long way a in actuality relatable film that helps us to empathize and has a reflection of us throughout the pivotal personality of Gabriel Nuncio. However the film ends in an absurd arrangement, which ends in confusion in our minds.

All the arrangement in which throughout the film, Nuncio is portrayed as a broke comic, who tries to write an brave movie script. But everyone who hears the script doesn’t perceive the particular which arrangement of his imaginative and prescient through it. It gets rejected by telling him it’s now not a movie but an legend or of us misinterpret it as a comedy.

But Nuncio continuously tries to lift these reports with the smiling face as if it appears cherish a comedy but deep interior, there is dullness. Even on the time, when his monetary stipulations are crumbling down, he faces rejection from the of us he thinks discontinuance and his occupation also comes to a stalemate. But, in this second of peril, he envisions the scenes of roaming on Mars alongside with a baby and a lady. This imaginative and prescient of Nuncio is light diverse cases within the film. And, in these moments we look him the freest and happiest. He dances carefree at that time transcendending himself to one more dimension. It offers him hope and turns into his catharsis. But, within the pronounce of glimpse strain and the principles of the society, this also crumbles down soon.

Netflix film This Is Not a Comedy ending explained

Within the pause, we look him destroy totally. At that second, the face of Lyre is obtainable in entrance of him. We glance Lyre on the very starting up of the film as the lady friend of Nuncio. She claims that she has some superpowers to be in contact with aliens. She tells Nuncio that she is going to join an intergalactic confederation and he must reach alongside with her. But, Nuncio denies it as he’s offered to be a sperm donor for his most fascinating buddy to boot to this opinion appears very unfamiliar and unrealistic.

In my standpoint, Lyre represents the desires of Nuncio. She is the interior light, which Nuncio seeks. But, the sunshine diminishes within the day after day slither of dwelling. So does Lyre too. She has presumably been forgotten except Nuncio turns into totally broke. One day, when he drives, he hears the tell of Lyre on the radio set apart of his automobile. She tells him that his lost dogs Somersault is alongside with her and he’s jubilant. Now presumably the dogs represents the damaged Nuncio and with this message, Lyre convinces him to be jubilant to accept the sunshine and hope by following her direction within the intergalactic day out. At that compulsory second, Nuncio decides to follow the accelerate Lyre as soon as told him. He devices to head to the prime of Amethyst. Within the particular set apart, Nuncio encounters a beam of light from the sky. He stands below it and we look him goes up towards the sky.

Is he in a draw to join with the aliens? Or here is one more dream sequence he encounters as escapism from merciless life? Because the film ends with too great ambiguity, there also can furthermore be a pair of interpretations. But confidently, I elaborate that despite all the pieces these heartbreaks, Nuncio finds some hope in his life by letting the sunshine interior him. Thus he knows his appropriate which arrangement in this cosmos — to are dwelling freely. As on the pause of the tunnel, there is light, Nuncio in all chance finds some solace and hope this trend.

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