Thirty-Nine season 1, episode 3 recap – “Something I Had Never Thought Of”


“One thing I Had By no intention Thought Of” reveals some cracks within the foundations by lingering honest a little of, even supposing she demonstrate’s actual emotional core is still very much most up-to-date.

This recap of Thirty-9 season 1, episode 3, “One thing I Had By no intention Thought Of”, accommodates spoilers.

After closing week’s downbeat, dagger-in-the-heart revelation about Chan-young, one can’t abet but actually feel as if “One thing I Had By no intention Thought Of” reveals some cracks within the demonstrate’s foundations. Understandably, it revolves across the characters grappling internally and externally with Chan-young’s prognosis, even even supposing there’s still a element of mystery around it, however the overlong episode runtimes are starting up to actually feel honest a little ponderous as if the demonstrate is delaying the inevitable quite than actually constructing in all that time.

Thirty-9 season 1, episode 3 recap

It’s glaring that the demonstrate is playing for maximum drama, and I appreciate the indisputable reality that it’s eschewing the more glaring role of labor romance tropes that good enough-drama is so very fond of. Nonetheless I could well for shuffle enact without how on-the-nostril these forms of scenes are; the irony of a funeral dialogue that determines Chan-young will are living the longest, but it for shuffle feels love an especially glaring intention of hammering some extent dwelling.

Nonetheless I’m a fan of Mi-jo’s ingesting and emotional outbursts. They’re no longer factual for any individual, obviously, but they really feel love the suited conduct of someone confronted with the possibility of dropping a shut buddy and no longer luminous how to tackle it. Because Thirty-9 is so rooted within the views of its central characters, it’s easy to miss somebody love, express, Sun-joo as an antagonist, even though she has some extent. Nonetheless for Mi-jo to act out, to be erratic and unstable, that’s welcomely to-the-point characterization. It reveals her as unsuitable, inclined, pained – the final emotions you’d search info from from somebody in her role.

Resulting from this, even supposing, I focus on the romantic aspects drop by the wayside critically. In showing its cards so early, Thirty-9 has develop to be about pains, even even supposing the loss hasn’t actually came about yet. Seon-u is a high quality man, perchance to an extent that doesn’t even ring appropriate, but it for shuffle’s laborious to actually feel love he and Mi-jo’s relationship must be getting much point of curiosity. Likewise, no topic’s occurring with Chan-young, Jin-seok, and Sun-joo feels honest a little too soapy and melodramatic for me, no topic implications there are about Jin-seok’s leverage over his partner and who his heart actually belongs to.

There’s a priceless theme in Thirty-9 episode 3 even supposing, obviously, which is that Mi-jo can’t lift herself to characterize Chan-young her prognosis, and as an different lashes out at somebody else. The episode’s about grappling with and deciding to confront a harsh reality – to steal the toddler steps principal (telling Seon-u first, as an illustration) to obtain to the massive moment. In sharing the knowledge, Mi-jo makes it honest a little of more actual. And in making it more actual, the significance of sharing it with Chan-young turns into even more paramount.

“One thing I Had By no intention Thought Of” is building, inevitably, to the slack moment in which Mi-jo can now no longer proceed to disguise her secret, and one assumes the following day’s episode shall be referring to the ramifications of the confession, despite it no longer being a total one appropriate yet. There’s doubtlessly some actual heartbreak on the horizon, but I will’t abet being concerned that the demonstrate goes to linger over it goodbye that it saps some of the principal emotional energy. I appreciate the demonstrate for taking such a heavy turn so early, and I focus on this interval of contemplation and toing and froing used to be principal, but there’s a chance Thirty-9 could well furthermore honest a little outstay its welcome.

Nonetheless we’ll wait and watch.

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