The Last Royal Treasure ending explained – do the crew find the gold?


This article discusses the ending of the Netflix K-Drama movie The Pirates: The Last Royal Esteem and can absorb spoilers. 

As The Pirates: The Last Royal Esteem takes shape, the quest for gold becomes clearer. First and main build, the diverse crew stumbles upon the crimson herring of silver bottles, earlier than Moo-chi inspires the team to proceed their accurate pursuit for royal treasure. For certain, it’s grand, with Heung-soo gaining particular benefits, but both method Hae-rang’s crew end up on Inazuma island, despite the unforgiving weather conditions, ready to search out what they need.

Netflix movie The Pirates: The Last Royal Esteem ending explained

As Hae-rang and co. fetch their feet in Inazuma island, ready to peep for the gold, issues commence to bag a bit of more sophisticated. Heung-soo, who wants to use the prized royal gold to leverage his probabilities at turning into a king, has also chanced on his method there, aiming to wreck Hae-rang’s ship and inch with the money-making treasure scot free along the method in which.

In due time, Moo-chi ends up going by myself to attempt to form out the antagonist he has an terrifying previous with, leaving the rest of the crew scattered about attempting for the bounty. Because it turns out, the unpopular non permanent Captain Mak-yi discovers the main gold bar, after stumbling upon a penguin who has it stuffed in its mouth.

Quite extra on, Moo-chi stalks Heung-soo’s maneuvering but finds himself spotted by an archer who makes an attempt to abolish him. Either method, the bounty is now not the build the 2 enemies are positioned, on the other hand it doesn’t stay them from dueling over what is presumed by the villain to be the last clue in finding the gold.

Nonetheless, Moo-chi, in identical outdated model, throws the clue off the cliff, the build it ends up hitting Mak-yi, who changed into pulled into the water by the penguin he changed into pursuing. There, the lanky shipmate discovers the cave he’s supposed to enter, which now not instantly results in him finding the gold (as well to more penguins, who don’t possess staunch to him).

By the level conflicts end, Mak-yi has guided the unique, gold-filled boat to the crew, Moo-chi and his diminutive ensemble had been rescued, and Han Goong has chanced on out that his have worship, Hae Geum, is mute alive. They fragment touching moments collectively, and set off, ready to reap the rewards for the royal treasure they found.

When time skips on, Hae-rang extends an supply to the bandit Moo-chi which could per chance peep him stay on the ship. He hesitates on the initiating earlier than accepting, and the ending scene sees the 2 fragment a kiss because the rest of the crew peep on in disgust.

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