The Invisible Thread review – a comedy on dysfunctional family and parenting



Marco Simon Puccioni’s fresh Italian drama is a story of a family of two homosexuals and their son, and is a unprejudiced comedy critiquing the revolutionary world, as much as date-day parenting, and family dysfunctionality.

This evaluate of The Invisible Thread is spoiler-free.

When movies attempt to discuss ravishing issues cherish homosexuality, the makers must be clear that that they take care of the subject with utmost care. Although I’m now no longer a seasoned viewer of LGBTQ movies, the few I comprise considered notice the construction. As a consequence, the motion photographs harbors a excessive tonality. Nevertheless with Netflix’s fresh Italian drama, The Invisible Thread, I advance to witness a fresh put off on the LGBTQ physique of workers.

Directed by Marco Simon Puccioni, the movie is a comedy that affords with a teenage boy, Leone, and his struggles living with his two fathers Simone and Paolo. A movie with a form of things going on in the background is a take care of to seek for me. From going by the impending of age concerns, critiquing the so-known as revolutionary society, and discovering cherish in the most heartening moments, this movie has a radiant stability between the seriousness of the subject cloth and the mockery of contemporary society.

The writing by Luca De Bei and Puccioni is slick and humorous. Although some scenes are loud and hysterical, it suits the context of the story.

Francesco Gheghi is relatable in the role of Leone. As I belong to the same age physique of workers as him in the movie, I will show to his struggles in life. Filippo Timi and Francesco Scianna play the 2 fathers and are unprejudiced in their respective roles. They raise the comedy portion brilliantly on their shoulders. Jodhi Would possibly perchance perchance perchance as Leone’s surrogate mom additionally does a obedient job alongside with her performance. Nevertheless her role is rather quick. That is the criticism about her role from my aspect.

With all these ingredients, The Invisible Thread is a joyous dawdle for me. Although the movie has a bittersweet ending, it offers you hope to cherish your kinfolk. And, whilst you are discovering hope to switch on despite heartbreaks, here’s the movie for you.

You would stream The Invisible Thread completely on Netflix.

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