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Sanak Full Movie Download Filmywap 480p 720p » Filmywapzone

Vidyut Jammwal is the biggest reason to watch the craze, but cannot be the only attention-grabbing point of the film. While the action is over the top, I wish the plot had developed similarly.

Action genre still has a place in Hindi cinema. You can easily count the stars who have dedicated their craft to it at your fingertips. Vidyut Jammwal definitely tops that list, and his fans always wait for him to get in on the action.

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So do the writers of Sanak. A film that takes the hospital as its battlefield has a unique premise, but what about the plot? Did we forget that some unique elements are also needed?

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Ashish P Varma takes credit as the writer of the film. The film reaches a stage where the action begins 22 minutes after the set-up. It is now clear that what is happening in those 22 minutes is the making of the drama that we are going to see. But if you make that time like a countdown that has no meat except the main couple’s cute chemistry, that too abruptly cuts through, then it all sounds sleazy.

At this point, it looks like you’ve escaped the build-up without really understanding anything, only to enjoy the electricity of flexing your muscles in the most amazing way possible. While the fighting sequences are what the writers depend entirely on to bring to the audience, they forget that they have created a world for the person who is throwing those punches.

Vidyut often gets anxiety attacks, why? Do they bother to state the obvious? No! Rukmini aka Anshika suddenly does martial arts, do we know she knew? No! The couple are all kinds of cute together, but is their back story that seems interesting, to be explored further? No!

On top of all that, there are 10 little older kids to know a lot about guns in writing. He knows how to use them. If this is unbelievable, he also knows how to deactivate a bomb plant by a group of highly skilled terrorist who planned that attack for 4 months. So, when after all this, Mumbai Police leaves this operation to a civilian, you don’t judge them much, because you have left the logic behind.

Vidyut Jammwal brings forth a live high-octane stunt, ringing in the countdown for the trailer of Vipul Amrutlal Shah & Zee Studios’ ‘Sanak’ releasing on Disney+ Hotstar Vidyut Jammwal claims his throne to be the biggest action star yet again. He punches at the speed of the flash and hits people with bare hands. The magic is, he makes it all so believable. There is a charm in his smile too, which is another thing that fans definitely fall for.

Rukmini Maitra, who is debuting in Bollywood, is promising in the role she has been given. His chemistry with Vidyut is adorable and I want the makers to give something more to the audience.

Chandan Roy Sanyal as the antagonist enters the screen with a bang, promising a lot. But with the passage of time, he takes on the eccentric traits of a mad villain, thus turning his good performance into a caricature.

Neha Dhupia also has to face the same consequences. The actor enters the film as a police officer with a strong personality. But when she decides to just stare at a CCTV screen and let a civilian conduct an operation to defeat a terrorist group, you cannot suspend your disbelief to that extent.

Kanishk Verma in his directorial is focused on showing how amazing his lead man is in what he does. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it does get a little sluggish regardless of anything else.

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Action director Andy Long Nguyen makes the most of the effort, though. While working with Jamwal, he has never seen stunts and sequences before. He is also smart enough to use the surroundings to support the action. Two sequences stand out, one in the MRI room and the other in the physiotherapy ward.

The linear narrative of Kanishk Verma’s eccentricity is a battle between two adversaries that make up the bulk of the proceedings – Vivaan Ahuja, the fit and muscular boy, and Saju (Chandan Roy Sanyal) with his band of skilled fighters who have taken down all the people. taken as hostages in the hospital.

The 117-minute play, written by Ashish P Verma, begins with a gradual emphasis on the chemistry between the lead couple as they celebrate their third anniversary. But, minutes later, we are in a siege at the hospital, where Anshika is being held captive along with the others, and Vivaan comes to rescue her.

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The basic plot can be inferred from the word Go: the protagonist will smash the bad guys to a pulp and save them all. However, there is a big problem here, the narrative defies logic and is not convincing at times. In one sequence, a child in the hospital is able to defuse the bomb (that too in a nanosecond), but the bomb squad is unable to do so.

This is very disappointing for the audience. Additionally, the soundtrack is a huge letdown with barely two songs that could easily be forgotten. The background score of Saurabh Bhalerao and Suyash Kelkar, however, is far more impressive.

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