Raising Dion season 2 review – a clunky continuation



Raising Dion season 2 delivers almost precisely love its predecessor, unfortunately.

This review of Netflix’s Raising Dion season 2 does now not occupy spoilers.

I develop to be tremendously stunned when Raising Dion landed on the Netflix roster for a 2d season. In fact, I almost forgot that it existed. Since season 1, there’s been a plague and a entire host of changes globally. I perform wonder how this acquired commissioned for 2022 after we closing bare our eyes on the young superhero in 2019. Nevertheless, it’s obvious from the trailer that there is about a worship for this universe, and a continuation develop to be price the punt.

Raising Dion returns for season 2 with an valorous storyline that develop to be left originate after the finale of season 1. We never truly believed that the Crooked Man (or energy) had ever truly left, namely after we saw young Brayden harbor it. Season 2 is an absolute straight continuation, managing to withhold the core solid, and bringing a yarn that feels extra valorous in scope.

Raising Dion season 2 delivers almost precisely love its predecessor, unfortunately. By making a simplistic space feel clunky and over-strung. The series makes an strive to intrinsically hyperlink many parts, but it never lands successfully within the account. Per chance it’s the family-feel genre, maybe it’s the demographic, but I haven’t felt pulled to Raising Dion since its existence.

I hiss some followers may per chance per chance maybe mediate I’m being harsh, but there’s extra to this than a “family superhero video show.” The path is straightforward: Raising Dion faucets into the formative years’s market but additionally expects adults to salvage pleasure from it. Nevertheless it completely’s extra enduring than fun, and I ponder if that’s the topic. By now not going for an real genre, Raising Dion continues to feel love a mismatch of tips.

The 2d season sees Dion belief his powers extra, while an ominous menace lurks. In the period in-between, his mother as soon as extra toils along with her have interior most tribulations. It’s almost the identical yarn, but the probability of villains is designed to feel extra ominous. Nevertheless the menace never truly feels there at all, and any likely pressure that does happen dies very rapidly.

Hopefully, the followers salvage pleasure from this. I completely didn’t. Nevertheless the universe lives on, and now I ponder if we’ll believe to wait till 2025 for a Third season. Let’s hope now not.

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