Raising Dion season 2 – does Nicole die from the infection?


Within the 2nd half of Raising Dion season 2, Nicole is infected by the strange vegetation in the sinkhole. There’s never unquestionably an clarification of these vegetation or the keep they are from, but once infected, the actual person turns into an unrecognizable monster that stampedes thru the metropolis. 

BIONA tries and create a cure for the an infection but finds themselves unable to come lend a hand up with anything else. The serum they style kills the host, which arrangement that Nicole is working out of time. Suzanne offers Nicole a serum in three little doses, so she doesn’t change right into a monster. The most effective arrangement back to right here’s that she’ll die in 36 hours, so she wishes to style essentially the most out of existence.

This jam point is underdelivered and lacks emotion. This unquestionably must were the crux for season 2, but as a change, it appears to be like moderately informal. It will were a painful tale of a kid about to lose his mother in unfair circumstances. 

Does Nicole die from the an infection in Raising Dion season 2?

Nicole doesn’t die in Raising Dion season 2. It never felt admire she was once going to die, no subject the 2nd season looking out to perspective for it. As season 2 ends, Nicole believes injecting the serum in the sinkhole will terminate the infections. Dion teleports into the sinkhole and injects the serum. And it unquestionably works; your total monsters return to their old manufacture as human beings, and Dion will get to preserve his mother in his existence.

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