Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 11 recap – “Our Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days”



Our Liked Summer takes its time getting to the level as ever, but it builds to a extremely fine emotional climax.

This recap of Our Liked Summer season 1, episode 11, “Our Nights Are More Glorious Than Your Days”, contains spoilers.

One more week, one more episode of Our Liked Summer that attracts out the full stops in its climax in the hopes that we’ll forgive it for being languid in utterly different places. The first episodes in per week’s double bill have a tendency to work this form, admittedly, but given we’re over halfway thru the sequence now, it feels cherish there’s noteworthy extra on the line here. And whereas the mammoth climax of “Our Nights Are More Glorious Than Your Days” isn’t as showy as the full kissing in the rain mumble, it’s an intense, beautifully-acted, and extra convincingly dramatic sequence that would possibly maybe per chance fair be on balance basically the most easy particular person scene in the present to date.

Our Liked Summer season 1, episode 11 recap

However, as ever, it takes a whereas to get there. We lift up where we left off, with Ung serene stinging from having chanced on Ji-ung’s esteem trove of Yeon-su photos, and news of Ung’s apparent relationship with NJ having leaked to the press. NJ’s agency isn’t provocative about disputing the rumors – for as soon as – since Ung is completely appropriate for her image, even though they aren’t in truth courting, which isn’t the worst news for the 2 of them but isn’t exactly thrilling for Yeon-su.

Let me be the principle to claim that I don’t steal the supposed cherish triangle here, nor ruin I particularly remember it a cherish square, even though I’m on myth pronouncing that Ji-ung is a noteworthy extra viable cherish rival for Ung than NJ is for Yeon-su. Even when Yeon-su stumbles on NJ herself, there’s no steady drama to the dialog and no steady sense that anything else would possibly maybe per chance in truth turn out to be of Ung and NJ, particularly given this episode’s ending. With none viability in this subplot, even though, or now no longer it would be important to hunt records from the level of NJ’s entire inclusion, even though I liked the inclusion of her agency being tactical with the courting rumors, now no longer even pondering taking the reality – or her steady emotions – into fable. I’m reminded of that completely insane BLACKPINK documentary, additionally on Netflix.

The mumble is, Our Liked Summer has spent its entire runtime expand the postulate that every Yeon-su and Ung are serene in cherish with every other, and always had been, and step by step they’re coming to attain and admit this. There’s ample of a memoir there that it doesn’t need the complications supplied by NJ and Ji-ung, the frail particularly. They already started the memoir estranged. The entire level is them finding their manner aid to 1 one more, and the bookending prologues and epilogues dangle made the conditions surrounding their usual ruin-up fairly nice. It became a mistake. Yeon-su realized this last week, and this week, Ung – additionally in the proximity of Yeon-su’s grandmother, as it happens, she’s cherish a walking truth serum – realizes that he’s serene in cherish with Yeon-su.

This isn’t a revelation to the audience, and it doubtlessly isn’t to Ung either, but it facilitates that closing scene of Our Liked Summer episode 11 wherein Yeon-su finds Ung consuming on my own and joins him. For as soon as, she asks him to be frank about how he feels. She even leads the manner, explaining that she can’t be guests with him, intimating that she needs to be greater than that. Then Ung confesses that he misses her, and has always missed her, and wishes her to cherish him and continue loving him. Written down it sounds faintly ridiculous, but in execution, it’s fairly stirring. Both Yeon-su and Ung are convincingly brought to tears. Freed from any artifice, it’s a legitimately animated dialog.

The epilogue, too, is stirring, with Ung recounting how his father abandoned him in the avenue. It’s the emotional cherry on high of an episode that determinedly pulled the audience’s heartstrings, and where day after lately’s day outing would possibly maybe per chance rush is any person’s wager. Pack the tissues, appropriate in case.

You would possibly maybe per chance maybe per chance circulation Our Liked Summer season 1, episode 11, “Our Nights Are More Glorious Than Your Days”, exclusively on Netflix.

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