Our Beloved Summer Ep 15. Choi Ung Helps Yeon Su Deal With A Family Crisis What’s Next??


The story of Yeon-su, Choi Ung and their relationship is determined to become extra bright as they address some elements in Our Cherished Summer season Ep 15. Yeon-su may perchance maybe well additionally face any other family crisis. Ung will likely be there for her every step. She may perchance maybe well additionally glean emotional when she is overwhelmed by your entire magnificent things in her existence.

Ji-ung can even bond with NJ as they can additionally very neatly be viewed coming nearer in the following episode. Proceed reading for your entire most modern info in regards to the penultimate episodes.

Our Cherished Summer season Ep15 Preview: What Will Occur

Yeon-su may perchance maybe well additionally undergo in thoughts that her grandmother may perchance maybe well additionally very neatly be plagued by a terminal illness. Her grandmother used to be researching nursing homes. Yeon-su’s grandmother may perchance maybe well additionally cease up in the clinical institution in Our Cherished Summer season Episode 15. Choi Ung will continue to love Yeon-su as she works on any other family discipline. She will be able to be able to even be staying at Choi’s house. He’ll cook dinner for her and so they can share an stunning moment together in the following episode.

Viewers can even discover if Jiungung’s mother is proper about her illness or if that is a ploy to make attention. Ji-ung can even spend extra time with NJ. They’ll additionally get a overall pickle that can result in a stronger bond in the following episode. Followers may perchance maybe well additionally also perceive any other romance between Eun-ho, Sol-yi.

Right here’s a brief recap!

Yeon-su remembers the moment Choi Ung known as her after the breakup in the final episode. He used to be extraordinarily inebriated and asked her why she ended their relationship. Yeon-su shared with him the financial difficulties of her family. Ung, on the opposite hand, used to be too inebriated to take care of the pickle and he screamed at her. He had no memory of the events that came about on the cell phone that evening. He puzzled why Yeon-su felt that it used to be no longer price conserving their relationship.

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In Our Cherished Summer season Ep 14 Yeon-su’s grandmother pleaded with Ung no longer to hotfoot away her granddaughter. She spoke of their monstrous previous. Ung, on the opposite hand, used to be desirous to be taught extra about Yeonsu’s previous. The documentary gained plenty of attention after its first episode. The neighborhood watched as Yeon-su and Ung posed for pictures with them.

Ji-ung also met NJ and asked him questions about Choi Ung. NJ didn’t know that Ji-ung hadn’t been fervent for a whereas with Choi Ung. Whereas NJ used to be talking about herself, Ji-ung gave NJ some existence-changing advice. Eun-ho used to be taken aback to search out that her ex-boyfriend visited Soli’s bar. Eun-ho refused to give him money and despatched him on his diagram.

Yeon-su also discovered a brochure for an veteran age house whereas she used to be selecting up her grandmothers apparel. After realizing her grandmother used to be going to be leaving her soon, she expressed her deepest regrets at being by myself. Ji-ung realized, too, that his mother didn’t contain great time left to stay. He used to be asked by her to doc the final days of her brief existence. Ji-ung realized that he used to be about to lose his only family soon.

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Our Cherished Summer season Ep15: Airing Date

SBS TV will broadcast Our Cherished Summer season Ep 15 foundation January 24, 2022. Two contemporary episodes are aired weekly by the network on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10: 00 pm. ET. ET.

The establish to movement the penultimate episode online?

The most modern episode may perchance maybe well additionally also be considered on Netflix by viewers around the enviornment. Every episode is on hand on Netflix two hours after it airs on SBS. Dramacool may perchance maybe even contain the final episode. Don’t omit ep 15, and be obvious to support coming support for extra bright episode previews.

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