Magnum is Poisoned by A Crime Boss and Forced To Find The Boss’ Son!


Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 15 seems to point out that Magnum will try to preserve on to his existence whereas shopping for a lacking boy. The sufferer is a crime boss’s son, making things tough. Magnum can be restricted in his survey the baby attributable to he has been poisoned and Osi has the handiest antidote. Deal with reading to search out out all about episode 15.

Magnum PI Season 4 Episode15 Preview: What Will Occur

Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 15 is titled “Stupid Man Walking”. Osi Shima, a notorious crime boss, will approach Magnum to abet him fetch his son. Magnum will withstand the put a query to. After discovering Osi’s poisoning, Magnum is compelled to accept the job. Magnum and Higgins have eight hours to search out Magnum and gives Magnum the antidote or he’s going to die. Magnum can be saved by the PI crew who will flee towards the clock to set Magnum.

Right here’s a hasty recap!

Magnum and Higgins had been getting closer to one one other in the previous episode. Their romance was interrupted when Melvin Machado, a bail bondsman, visited. Magnum was educated by the bondsman that his client, who was on $250 000 bail, had fled. Machado’s client Stella Torres ran away with Jimmy Wu, his bounty hunter. Stella’s social media posts suggested she can have fled the country. Magnum and Higgins examined the photos and chanced on that they had been taken many years prior to now.

They chanced on that Stella was a aged cop and had been imprisoned for her involvement with narcotics, besides to police assault. Magnum and Higgins arrived at Stella’s residence to search out Jimmy Wu slow internal. Stella regarded as if it would have killed Jimmy Wu. They chanced on CCTV footage and located a quantity plate. Officer Nix was the one who had arrested Stella in Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 14.

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Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 14: Rick was taken by Magnum whereas Higgins met up with Lia to behavior an intensive investigation. It chanced on Nix and hired Stella to contend with drug sellers. She slept with Nix, and she got pregnant. After discovering out about her pregnancy, Nix arrested her for assaulting police officers. Stella knew he would cancel them. She escaped at the most predominant opportunity she had. Magnum was ready to stumble on Stella. Magnum also offered his assistance to Stella on this total ordeal.

Magnum Hunts the Execrable Officers Single Handedly

Magnum also went to say Higgins, Lia and Magnum about the police’s arrival. Rick was compelled to flee with Stella, pregnant by Nix, when Nix pointed a gun towards them. Stella’s water broke and they fled to a neighbor’s residence. Nix was about to enter and cancel all people at that 2d. He wished to give his toddler to his considerable other. Magnum, nonetheless, deliberate an assault the usage of a crossbow to decide on down each and every of the police officers. The FBI then performed an investigation into execrable police officers. Stella was at final cleared of all charges in Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 14.

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Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 14: Airing Date

CBS will air Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 15 March 4, 2022. Every Friday at 9: 00 pm, the community airs a recent episode. ET. ET. Every episode will flee for 45 minutes.

The put to circulate the subsequent episode on-line?

You may possibly possibly perhaps perhaps possibly watch the CBS broadcast dwell on Paramount and the CBS web site. The hot season can be streamed on Spectrum, Fubo TV and DirecTV besides to YouTube TV and Hulu Stay. Don’t pass over the fifteenth episode, and don’t neglect to come motivate motivate for additional challenging episode previews on

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