Juvenile Justice season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained


The closing episode delivers an emotional resolution, nevertheless undermines itself with a complex closing-minute attitude.

This recap of Juvenile Justice season 1, episode 10 comprises spoilers, in conjunction with a discussion of Juvenile Justice’s ending.

The closing episode of Juvenile Justice begins with Geun-hee placing two and two together. She realizes that Eun-seok was once the mummy of the newborn “by accident” killed by In-jun and Attain-hyeon, and confronts her referring to the conflict of curiosity. Eun-seok provides a protracted, heartfelt speech about Geun-hee’s screw ups that day, how her brisk three minutes couldn’t have presumably taught those boys the relaxation referring to the very genuine repercussions of their actions. Geun-hee, predictably, doesn’t safe it effectively. She pulls Eun-seok from the case and threatens her with an investigation. Another folk upright don’t relish criticism.

Consider that, Eun-seok gained’t fall the matter. No matter Tae-ju’s warnings, she presses him for data about why he commended Attain-hyeon may perhaps presumably perhaps also want been current, and he tells her about one in all the girls he’s accountable for who worked with the runaway gang as fragment of a grift to assault and blackmail males the use of the services and products of prostitutes. Attain-hyeon is infamous because the psychotic leader of that gang, the other contributors of that are other folk who raped Seon-a. If he wasn’t current in the taxi dashcam photographs, he was once enthusiastic somehow.

Eun-seok follows these testimonies to a somewhat advanced operation by which the crowd rape girls, movie the act, and promote the pictures for a reputedly hefty profit. This leads her without prolong to Attain-hyeon’s noxious of operations, nevertheless he catches her snooping at his pc, and in yelp that they originate to fight. He stabs Eun-seok in the shoulder; she hits him with a brick. They break into a back room, where Eun-seok spots a shoe that suits the one left on the scene of Seon-a’s rape. Attain-hyeon overpowers Eun-seok and begins to strangle her, nevertheless he’s interrupted by the flashing light bar of a police car. Eun-seok is taken back to the courthouse, where Geun-hee helps to patch her up. Eun-seok does her totally to persuade her that this isn’t upright about revenge and that Seon-a’s case is upright the tip of a truly irascible iceberg.

Fortuitously, Geun-hee listens. Using proof taken from Attain-hyeon’s noxious, Tae-ju is able to coerce the other two boys into revealing his involvement and the extent of the operation and give the court cloud entry to Attain-hyeon’s secret phone, which comprises a relish trove of proof proving that both he and In-jun are responsible. Geun-hee ensures that Attain-hyeon takes the stand to be shown all this, and naturally, he flips out fully, he and In-jun totally incriminating themselves extra of their fight and argument. Eun-seok is also current in the court, and Seon-a is searching at from one other room. She’s allowed her closing thoughts on the case, and on Eun-seok’s advice, she lifts her head high and tearfully asks for her life to return to straightforward.

Geun-hee’s involvement on this case compels her to particular feel sorry about to Eun-seok, and certainly to anybody else her selections may perhaps presumably perhaps even have impacted. And Kang compels her to testify on Eun-seok’s behalf to the Supreme Courtroom disciplinary committee that Eun-seok stands sooner than as she reiterates her web convey on younger offenders. As it seems, she quiet despises them. However the context has changed now. She’s racy to treat them pretty, and objectively. However the closing line of Juvenile Justice is merely a reiteration of Eun-seok’s hatred: “I despite younger offenders.” In fact, then, has the relaxation finally changed?

You can lag Juvenile Justice season 1, episode 10 completely on Netflix.

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