Going for Broke ending explained – does the family make peace?


This text discusses the ending for the Netflix film Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke and can simply have spoilers. 

The Netflix launch Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke is a Nigerian film about the dysfunctional family of Chief ‘Daddy’ Beecroft. A properly-respected and established industrialist, Chief Daddy grew to become infamous for having different illegitimate relationships. On that basis, he has got an prolonged family of childhood and mistresses. However as a lion-coronary heart, he loves them all no topic brilliant it’s now not seemingly to contrivance peace amongst them.

In the most famous piece, we seen that he equipped for everyone in his will. No longer most interesting family people, the maid, and the chauffeur were also equipped for. Additionally, in the tip, the family understands having every other and makes peace with every other. However, this 2d of joy is non permanent. Soon after the need is declared, a condition used to be launched by Chief Daddy’s bankers, that Chief Daddy’s company used to be going public and your total provision used to be now not going to practice earlier than the contrivance concluded.

In the 2d installment, we come to know that Chief Daddy has one other relationship and has a daughter, Leila. However, as overlooked in the need and the honor of the family, she comes for revenge. In that course of, she takes over Chief Daddy’s company and makes your total other family people shatter.

Netflix film Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke ending defined

This tensile enlighten tears them apart again and the family turns into dysfunctional again. In the period in-between, the connection between Dammy and Adaora turns into strained over some misunderstanding. Adaora turns into so noteworthy bored stiff with Dammy’s need for his celeb standard of living over her. Additionally, the gossip of Dammy’s relationship with a excessive-class artist, Nina, sparks the infidelity of Dammy, which hurts her noteworthy extra. On that basis, she breaks the engagement with Dammy. However, it’s her mom Madam Pat, who tells her that she sees admire for her in Dammy’s eyes.

In the period in-between, Famzy goes to Dubai to hit massive with an investor he involves know about from a known rap massive name in Nigeria. He calls Dammy for reinforce. So, Dammy takes the probability and takes Adaora to Dubai to steer her and reinforce Famzy at the same time. Though they arrive to know that there might possibly be rarely always a investor in Dubai, Famzy decides to buy piece in a expertise reward hesitantly on the advice of Dammy and others. Here, Dammy plans a deal with Leila and makes the avenue seemingly for peace. At the tip of the Dubai episode, Dammy efficiently persuades Adaora and Famzy gets his shatter.

In the tip, your total family people come to Dammy and Adaora’s marriage ceremony. Leila is invited there too. Though the family people object to her presence, Dammy takes on the guts stage to negate that the importance of all in an prolonged family they typically deserve to still contrivance peace with every other. The family people acknowledge that and have an very fair appropriate time the wedding ceremony, ending the feud with every other.

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