Fishbowl Wives review – a mixed-bag story of infidelity



Fishbowl Other halves is plump of contradictions and inconsistencies, but there’s some apt drama at its core — though perchance pretty of unsuited to its Valentine’s Day commence.

This review of Fishbowl Other halves is spoiler-free. 

Netflix absorb a approach of humor, don’t they? On Valentine’s Day, the World Day of Romance and like, they’ve launched no longer one but two international series’ about… infidelity and extramarital affairs. Ha! Since my colleague is handling Devotion, A Fable of Indulge in and Want, the accountability has fallen to me to quilt Fishbowl Other halves, an adaptation of Ryô Kurosawa’s widespread manga Kingyo Tsuma a pair of number of ladies folk in a high-upward thrust apartment building who all, for numerous causes, commence to veer some distance off from their marriages.

Those causes are varied and oftentimes moderately tragic, and all over eight episodes the chronicle veers – while the tone on the total lurches again and forth – as Fishbowl Other halves tries to assist all of its geese in a row. The ostensible protagonist is Sakura, who since an accident has turn out to be the worried, battered housewife of salon owner Takuya. However a possibility bump into with a pet retailer owner named Haruto leads Sakura to rethink her life during the thick glass of a goldfish bowl, seeing herself because the trapped runt creature too stifled by circumstance to swim freely. She makes her first step against emancipation, after which a total lot of extra, all while a total lot of different reports interweave alongside with her absorb to blended construct.

This layout is… irregular. The triangular dynamic between Sakura, Takuya, and Haruto is clearly the central battle of the series, but there is an abundance of secondary characters and plots that aren’t consistent of their enviornment enviornment topic or tone, and there doesn’t look like any in particular logical building for the formulation they’re included. The fish and its bowl turn out to be a routine metaphor in every chronicle, and incessantly a literal psychic persona gets enthusiastic reputedly at random, but grafting these quirky, anthological appendages onto what would otherwise be an taking part and uncomplicated chronicle doesn’t exactly form a coherent total.

Some contact-and-dart continuity notwithstanding, Fishbowl Other halves also employs a total lot of repetitive gimmicks to find its point, no longer no longer up to on the situations when its point is in point of fact sure, which isn’t consistently. Female empowerment is obviously an aim, but it depends too heavily on the root of fellows as rapey, controlling aggressors, after which every now and then tries to develop profitable affection out of that identical bedrock, so the request of what the mumble considers a violation and what it considers a man being sexy and assertive is every now and then too nebulous for the mumble’s absorb upright. It also has a tendency to juxtapose scenes of earnest human connection with sex scenes, as though it’s implying one is meaningful while the different is facile. But there are such quite so a lot of sex scenes – the mumble actually opens with one – that you just would possibly’t relief but genuinely feel it’s attempting to deliberately titillate in some cases. A hypocritical absorb-one’s-cake-and-like-it vibe runs sooner or later of.

Tranquil, there’s some first price drama here. The performances are sturdy, the mumble is smartly shot, and just among the topics being broached are related and apt. It’s an irregular series, granted, but it’s one which’ll also completely amass some fans – to boot to a pair passionate detractors. As ever, I’m someplace within the heart, so I’m giving it a genuinely cautious advice. Per chance don’t look it alongside with your companion, though.

You perchance can circulate Fishbowl Other halves exclusively on Netflix.

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