Does Dana Sue end up with Jeremy or Ronnie?


This article, “Does Dana Sue discontinue up with Jeremy or Ronnie?”, contains mountainous spoilers for Candy Magnolias Season 2. You are going to be in a position to check out our spoiler-free season overview by clicking these words.

Dana Sue’s romantic travails are horny integral to the 2nd season of Candy Magnolias. After meeting and being wooed by Jeremy in the first season, she modified into as soon as thrown a loop when her husband Ronnie returned to her life, and her arc on this sophomore time out revolves spherical her navigating this esteem triangle and determining who and what she in actuality desires. Clearly, given there can be Annie to support in mind, in addition to as a quantity of historic past, this isn’t an easy resolution. So, here’s the demand:

At first of the season, Dana Sue is terribly elated with Jeremy, noteworthy to the leisure of the magnolias and Sullivan’s workers. Ronnie is spherical, largely making an strive to use time with Annie, but he and Dana Sue are keeping their relationship platonic and it appears determining.

However, Ronnie isn’t elated with platonic, and it seems Dana Sue isn’t either. The more time they use together the more sexual rigidity begins to develop, and it will definitely will get to a diploma the achieve Dana Sue has to interrupt this news to Jeremy. Fortuitously, he’s an especially inexpensive man, and rather than sustaining the esteem triangle attitude, Jeremy as a change form of disappears from the purpose to thoroughly.

However it no doubt isn’t fortunately ever after. Dana Sue and Ronnie possess stress-free together, but if truth be told committing to a relationship is terribly subtle for Dana Sue. We be taught the most effective way Ronnie betrayed her belief by being unfaithful to her, and that’s something that she aloof hasn’t been in a position to forgive him for. She’s also mindful of the truth that forgiving his flaws and errors would imply having to confess her possess, and this isn’t something that she’s in particular engaging to enact.

However Ronnie is chronic. When he realizes that being sexually charismatic isn’t going to prick it, he as a change tries to tackle the basics of their marriage with support from Pastor June. Dana Sue is in the origin reticent to support the marriage counseling sessions, and she storms out of the first meeting after Ronnie recites his wedding ceremony vows to her from memory. She’s partly annoyed that she will’t enact the same, but also partly annoyed that she feels the vows he made possess already been broken by him. It’s subtle territory for Dana Sue to navigate.

In the end, though, Dana Sue decides to welcome Ronnie relieve to her home. Things aren’t ideally obliging, but they’re going to are trying their handiest to present it any other scamper for the sake of Annie.

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