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Arjun Gowda is the most fresh Kannada movie written and directed by Shankar. The action drama, produced by Ramu, stars Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devraj, Priyanka and Sadhu Kokila in the lead roles. music director Dharma Visho composes songs and background music for this film. The film is command to premiere in January 2022.

Director Shankar
Producer Ramu
Scenario Shankar
Genre Drama
Legend Shankar
Starring Prajwal Devraj, Priyanka & Sadhu Kokila
Music Dharma Visho
cameraman Jai Anand
Editor Arjun Kittuz
manufacturing firm Ramu Movies
Newsletter date 2022
Language canada

Arjun Gowda Movie Cast

Right here is the chubby solid listing for Arjun Gowda movie 2022,

  • Prajwal Devraj
  • Priyanka Thimeesh
  • Sadhu Kokila
  • Sparsha Rekha
  • Dinesh Mangalore
  • Deepak Shetty
  • Prakashnatana
  • Shobith
  • jeevan
  • turns
  • Kadipudi Chandru
  • Hassine Shetty
  • Suraj
  • Gratifying

Arjun Gowda Movie Teaser

Watch the most fresh Arjun Gowda trailer video,

Arjun Gowda Kannada Movie Songs

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