All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Character Ranked by their IQ


Season 2 Updates of All Of Us Are Boring: Intelligence is more important than water and food when it involves dash from a college beefy zombies. That’s why frequent sense and a willingness to behave have to aloof additionally be functional. They’re in each dwelling.

Here is precisely what occurs in the Okay-drama “All of Us Are Boring”, a coming-of-age zombie-apocalypse Okay drama that premiered on Netflix January 28, 2022. Handiest the neatest other people continue to exist.

College students are trapped at Hyosan Excessive with no access to the outdoor world after the zombie virus infects the college.

Handiest the top students continue to exist to build up it to the quarantine camps. There are many forms of intelligence we can employ to look at the characters. Not handiest have to aloof we depend survivors nonetheless additionally the progenitor of this virus as seemingly the most top characters in ‘All of Us Are Boring.

Let’s resolve a seek at the All of Us are Boring Persona standing.

10. Lee Byeong-Chan

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The list of life like characters of “All of Us Are Boring” involves no longer handiest survivors. His distinctive academic brilliance secures him the 2nd top dwelling on the list.

Pure mind and intelligence can assemble a virulent disease that can waste thousands in staunch a couple of days. Lee Byeong-chan’s intelligence is tempered by his admirable judgement, as he selected to employ the virus to end some bullies. Even supposing the ideal manner to waste the zombies is to burn all of them, the secret could presumably perchance additionally very neatly be found on his pc.

9. Yang Dae-Su-

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Yang Dae Su is a comic e book reduction in “All Of Us Are Boring”. His bulk is mostly the self-discipline of humor for his classmates. Dae-Su doesn’t let this end him. He makes it to quarantine camp no matter sustaining a leg wound. Here’s a testomony to his intelligence, braveness, and tips. He’s the final survivor from Hyosan Excessive.

8. Jang Ha-Ri-

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Jang Ha Ri’s archery abilities helped lots to defeat the zombies. She is terribly pragmatic and doesn’t enable emotions to cloud her frequent sense at necessary moments.

Her pure resistance to the zombies changed into handiest broken when her brother died. Jang Ha-ri changed into an active participant in the fight in opposition to the zombies. Her clear figuring out of what she can accumulate makes it seemingly for her survival.

7. Tune Jae-Il-

Tune Jae-Il, a police sergeant, is praised for his intelligence, management, presence of tips, and bravado. His competence enabled him to lead his complete occasion to the quarantine camp.

Even supposing he did place his life at possibility to put others, he constantly had a belief to conquer the mission.

6. Park Mi-Jin

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Park Mi-Jin is a avenue-trim girl, which makes her pragmatic and unflinching. She changed into fleet to creep making an attempt for a classmate and lock her door.

She changed into trapped in the college, the build there changed into no manner to fight the zombies the employ of real weapons. Nevertheless, she additionally made a spear from a mop. She changed into additionally the one who realized the error in the barrier belief, which zombies could presumably perchance climb over. She determined to return to college, no matter her safe intelligence.

5. Choi Nam-Ra-

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Even sooner than Hyosan Excessive changed into hell, Choi Nam-Ra changed into a good student. She changed into the class president, who led students with perfect plans in the end of the zombie fight. Nam-Ra changed into appealing ample study the vogue Gyeongsu changed into contaminated with Na-Yeon.

She changed into a zombie at the head season 1. She determined to raise on the roof and abet others. The survivors had been additionally told by her that zombies are aloof tag in the college, ensuing in the unreal of a 2nd season.

4. Nam So-Ju

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Nam So-Ju, a highly educated first responder, is surely seemingly the most most valorous and life like characters in “All of Us Are Boring”. His bravery is clear in his solo outing from quarantine camp to college. His intelligence could presumably perchance additionally very neatly be viewed in the vogue he did it.

His intelligence is clear by the very fact that he outwitted the zombies and tricked quarantine guards. So-Ju changed into fleet on his feet and a extensive thinker.

3. Lee Su-Hyeok

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Lee Su-Hyeok, a educated martial artist, is one of our most perfect students. He changed into a pacesetter of the community with perfect solutions to outlive every mission. Even in the type of mission, he changed into trim ample to study from “Put together to Busan”.

His composed tips and composed nerves present the group with the intelligence they need in times of crisis. Su-Hyeok is no longer with out complications influenced by emotions, which makes him extremely pragmatic.

2. Oh Joon-Yeong

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Joon-Yeong died in a single of the most disagreeable deaths of the assortment. His intelligence and mental strength had been additionally displayed in his demise when he distracted the victim from being bitten.

Even supposing he knew his demise, he aloof believed that there changed into the ravishing next ingredient. Joon-Yeong changed into additionally seemingly the most more geeky students at the college, and the ideal one who could presumably perchance pilot the drone to detect their college.

1. Nam On-Jo

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On-Jo’s potential to resolve conflicts and accumulate to the backside of disputes can tag her intelligence. Even supposing she changed into regarded as fragile and had to be saved loads of times, her intelligence allowed her to gaze that the head of all survivors in a fight in opposition to zombies is certain if they begin stopping every other.

Nam On-Jo made some in actuality extensive plans for instances by which nearly all people misplaced hope.

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